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Kafkaesque Meditation on Death

Woody Allen, Shadows & Fog (1991): Kafkaesque Meditation on Death

Allen’s 1991 black and white feature takes place at night in the deserted streets of an unnamed city. By setting the action in a neutral place, Allen creates an absolute[…]

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The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Cell Phone

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Cell Phone

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic cell phone is one of the latest cell phones to hit the U.S. market. It has been available in Europe for quite some time, but just[…]

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How to Buy the Increased Number of Likes and Followers on Instagram

How to Buy the Increased Number of Likes and Followers on Instagram

Almost all in this world wants to get popular and one way of being popular is by getting the maximum numbers of likes and followers on the internet. There are[…]

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Woody Allen, Shadows & Fog (1991): Kafkaesque Meditation on Death

May 5, 2021
Kafkaesque Meditation on Death

Allen’s 1991 black and white feature takes place at night in the deserted streets of an unnamed city. By setting the action in a neutral place, Allen creates an absolute time and space with universally valid answers to significant philosophical questions.

Parallels to Kafka’s Trial

Shadows and Fog bears some striking resemblances to Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial. Like K., Kleinman is woken up and ordered about by authoritative men in the opening scene; his overprotective landlady disagrees with his taste in women; he is part of a plan no one explains to him; people interrogate him and constantly presume his guilt; the intimidation his employer exercises on him reminds of the relationship of K.’s advocate with his clients; and Kleinman left his fiancée at the altar, a detail that alludes to the failure of Kafka’s own relationships.

The persecution and paranoia resulting from the presumed guilt of the protagonist are similar in both works. Allen uses this theme to discuss death and the judgement of one’s conscience.

Death: Allen, Bergman and the Fear of Mortality

Bergman and the Fear of Mortality

Unlike Welles’ adaptation of The Trial, Allen uses a lot of straight angles and scenery which give the film a “flat” characteristic that reminds of the theatre. The dialogues could easily be transposed unto a stage and the main song is borrowed from a play (Weill’s Cannon Song from The Little Threepenny Music). In fact, the film is an adaptation of Allen’s 1975 play Death in which a character is woken by an angry mob and asked to join into a search for “the maniac”.

Just like Death, Shadows and Fog revolves around the fear of a killer who is death himself (with his random irrational choice of victims). It recalls The Seventh Seal, a film by Ingmar Bergman (Allen’s idol). Yet unlike Bergman’s death, Shadows and Fog’s maniac turns out to be ridiculously easy to overcome.

The fear of mortality is a common theme in Allen’s work, which he treats with humour rather than Bergmanian seriousness. In Love and Death he claims that “all mankind [is] ultimately executed for a crime it never committed” (Allen, Love and Death, 1991. 00:01:54), thereby asking the same question: how did humanity deserve to be punished by mortality? In Shadows and Fog, the question is reduced to “Why me?” and life’s suffering is captured by Irmy’s description of the clown whose profession it is to get “knocked around”. (Allen, Shadows and Fog, 1991. 00:23:06)

Death is omnipresent and yet the maniac disappears at the end: he was only a projection of the characters’ fear of mortality. But this fear also drives the main characters and makes them question the meaning of their lives.

Philosophy and the Meaning of Life

The existence of the maniac (i.e. of death) encourages the formation of opposed factions, powerful groups which answer the question of mortality and depend on people’s credulousness. Some of those groups are religious, they are supported by clairvoyants and speak of punishment; others are academic and teach facts instead of faith. Irmy is on a self-discovery trip, the coroner looks for the nature of evil, Kleinman asks about the existence of the human soul and the prostitutes define the concepts of love, sex and marriage. In their own way, each of the characters philosophises and tries to define the meaning of life and death. Click here at website to read review on meditation.

Irmy tells Kleinman about dead stars the light of which we still perceive, thus drawing a parallel to the legacy of human beings in other’s memories. But he merely answers: “When I see something with my own eyes, I like to know that it is actually there. […] You have to be able to rely on things.” (Allen, Shadows and Fog, 1991. 00:48:58) He then jokes about Berkeley’s farfetched theory (which was not that everything only exists in a dog’s mind but – notice the anagram – in God’s mind), thereby reminding her of the importance for philosophy to be practically applicable to every day life.

In a central scene, Kleinman, the prostitutes and the student discuss death and the meaning of life. Kleinman cannot make the leap of faith necessary to believe in God. One of the prostitutes disagrees and claims she would kill herself if she believed in no afterlife. The student answers that, faced with this dilemma, his rational side knows that life is absurd but that his physical side wants to live anyway. Finally, Kleinman expresses an inability to put his worldview into words, thus putting an end to the conversation by demonstrating the gap between philosophical definitions and the ungraspable reality of life. But if philosophy does not help them deal with their fear of death, what does?

Art as the Answer

Art as the Answer

Kleinman may be speechless when it comes to the meaning of life, but Allen has a clear answer. Theatre and the Circus are central to Shadows and Fog. Malkovich’s clown is a typical Allen persona and he (and not Kleinman) represents the director’s view. He talks of his work as a “rare opportunity […] to make people laugh, to make them forget their sad lives” and claims “we’re not like other people. We’re artists. With great talent comes responsibility.” (Allen, Shadows and Fog, 1991. 00:08:22)

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Cell Phone

April 30, 2021
The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Cell Phone

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic cell phone is one of the latest cell phones to hit the U.S. market. It has been available in Europe for quite some time, but just recently became available in the U.S.

We went to the T-Mobile store to purchase a new phone for my husband, and we ended up buying two- one for me and one for him. Once I saw how cool the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic was, I had to have one for myself too. We now have "his" and "hers" cell phones. His XpressMusic is black; mine is purple.

The Nokia XpressMusic is a slide phone, which I enjoy because it locks the keys, but is not a flip phone (which I tend to find annoying). The main novelty of the 5300 XpressMusic is that it has an MP3 player. It cannot play iTunes, but can play WMA files and MP3 files. Downloading the files from computer to phone is relatively easy. One of my favorite features has been the ability to use these MP3 files as ringers. I always loved having my favorite songs as ringers, but the ringer downloads on my old phone were expensive, and sometimes they didn't even sound that much like the real song. With the XpressMusic, the phone plays my favorite MP3s when someone calls, and it sounds like a little radio in my purse. Right now, I have it set to play, "All You Need Is Love," by The Beatles.

Cell Phone

The MP3s can be played through the regular phone speaker (like when your rings), through a Bluetooth, or through headphones. One frustration I have is that you cannot fit regular headphones into the phone, and the headphones they give you are annoying. Perhaps this is the cool, new thing in headphones, but the left side is ridiculously shorter than the left. Like seriously, one foot shorter. The left headphone cord is only like 8 inches. I imagine I could probably buy iPod headphones that would fit, but I haven't tried yet.

The phone features a radio, and comes with the radio attachment. The reception is not great, but is helpful for things like tuning into the TVs at the gym. The only problem is that the headphones don't seem to fit perfectly into the radio attachment, click this over here now.

There are also some other great features to the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, including a camera and video camera. It takes short videos, which even include sound. The quality is not the best, but not bad for a cell phone. The photo quality is alright if you are up close, but it is significantly better than some other camera phones I have seen. I also like the fact that it has special buttons on the side for using the camera, which also makes it feel more like using a regular digital camera. When you take a picture of someone, you can set the photo to flash when the person is calling. You can also set it so that a video of that person plays when they call, although that is not something I have really played with much yet.

The menu is very user friendly, which is a big plus if you are like me and don't want to spend hours figuring out how to use your cell phone. There are also some other neat quirks, like the fact that the white part of the outside of the phone glows in the dark. That's not even mentioned anywhere on the packaging, but it is something I discovered a few days ago.

One of the best features of this phone is the fact that it is fairly inexpensive for everything that it includes. Prices will be different with each carrier, but T-Mobile is currently offering the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic for $99 with 2-year contract.

How to Buy the Increased Number of Likes and Followers on Instagram

April 19, 2021
How to Buy the Increased Number of Likes and Followers on Instagram

Almost all in this world wants to get popular and one way of being popular is by getting the maximum numbers of likes and followers on the internet. There are lots of social networking website in the internet available for you so that you can become popular on the internet at least. Internet is very vast and there a big world out there. There are real people on the internet and they can be your friends. You can talk to those people just by sitting at your home. Internet can be used to promote your business also.



Instagram is also a social media, but it is different from other social networking websites. The social networking websites are available on the internet, but the Instagram is an app based social networking. You have to download the application available at any app store available for your mobile device. This is new, but has gained much popularity in a short period of time. There are over a million of people available on the Instagram. You can find many people from different countries liking each other’s photographs and posts. If you are posting your photos on the Instagram, you can easily have the likes over the photos you have posted. It takes time though to get the popularity you need on Instagram, but if you can wait over the time, you can have the popularity. But if you are eager and don’t want to wait, you can buy the likes and followers for your posts and profile. Buying the likes and followers, they can really help you become popular. There are professional who can help you get the likes and followers on the Instagram and other social media. The social media is the place for the people aged between 13 to 45. And the age 19-30 are at the maximum. These people likes to share too much things and have a good knowledge about the social networking.

A new language of tagging someone

A new language of tagging someone

People are always in a search of something new, they can create new things from the creative minds. The creativity of the people is shown by the development of online marketing of the products. No matter what are the products and services a website offer, people are always able to find a way to get them on the photographs. These photographs are posted on the internet for the marketing purpose.

Using of hashtags (#) has become a new language for the people. They use this to comment on any particular person, tell about something, to express certain ideas, and many more. The businessmen can use this to promote the name of their company, suppose you posted a photograph, use hashtag and add the name of your website with. This is a new way to do the marketing for your website. Use of the hashtag is another example of creativity of humans. While on Instagram, you can hold contests to promote your website.

Why Do We Need to Do The Blower Door Test?

April 18, 2021
Why-Do We Need to Do The Blower Door Test

Well blower door tests are often done by the construction workers in commercial buildings. Sometimes these tests are also done in the construction sites of the residential buildings. There are companies which specializes in these blower door tests which you can hire for your project. With a blower door test you can find out if the room is perfectly airtight or not. Below are some benefits of it:

Airtightness = Moisture Protection

Moisture Protection

The transport of air humidity (convective humidity transport) through the construction is closely related to the ventilation heat losses. A sufficiently airtight building envelope is essential for the protection of a thermally insulated building structure in particular. The driving forces acting on the air currents are described under "Thermal protection" and also apply to humidity. The effects can be illustrated using damage patterns [9] and the example calculations. If warm, moist air flows through a leak, condensation can form in the cross-section of the component under certain conditions, which in turn leads to damage to the structure, which can lead to structural damage. The potential is almost a factor of 100 greater than that of the diffusion transport mechanism.

Airtightness = Soundproofing

Leaks worsen the sound insulation. Sound can also propagate through joints and holes through which air flows. This is particularly problematic in the case of apartment buildings. A sufficiently (airtight) tight separation of the individual apartments from one another is necessary in order to be able to guarantee the required sound insulation.

Leakage in the area of joints or material pores in masonry construction ruin the sound insulation even with larger areas: A wall made of 240 mm thick pumice hollow block masonry, when unplastered, achieves a weighted sound reduction index of R'w = 16 dB. After applying a thin plaster on both sides, the rated sound reduction index can be significantly improved to R'w = 49 dB [11].

Even in lightweight construction, sufficient airtightness has a significant influence on sound insulation:

Depending on the size and location of the leaks, noise insulation losses due to leaks of up to 10 dB can be measured in the case of metal stud walls compared to the professional implementation.

The sound insulation can be further increased by additionally sealing the open edge connections with partition wall putty: In the case of a single-layer planked metal stud wall (GKB 12.5 mm; CW 100; 80 mm mineral wool insulation), the airtight seal leads to an improvement in the rated sound insulation index Rw of 45 to 47 dB [12].

Shoulder – Baring Sleeves for a Strapless Dress

April 18, 2021
Baring Sleeves for a Strapless Dress

That little black dress - the strapless number - sure looks lovely on you. Wouldn't you like to have some more of them? It's comfortable, it's gorgeous - what more can you ask from your dress? Well, there's a fun sewing project you can do that can help you make that strapless number look different any time you want. You'll appear to have many different dresses when all you do is change the sleeves.

Make removable sleeves and you can give a strapless dress a whole new look in a minute. Purchase stretchy fabric that matches the color of your dress - or not. Stretchy material slides on and off the arm with ease making it the ideal choice. However, you can use material that doesn't stretch but allow for this when cutting the width. With various fabrics and colors you can make a black dress with black sleeves, a black dress with white sleeves, black and gold, or a dress of a different color with other sleeves.

Strapless Dress

Make the removable sleeves by just cutting simple sleeves from stretchy fabric. Measure around your arm, add a half an inch, and draw that measurement as the width of the sleeve. Measure the length from below the armpit area to the length you want the sleeves to be - full-length, three-quarter length or even short sleeves.

No matter what type of fabric you are using for the new sleeves, launder it first unless it's a dry-clean only dress. Lay the fabric out so that it is in a single layer with the right side facing upwards. After cutting out a sleeve, fold the short end under a quarter-inch, then again, and hem across it. Do the same to the opposite side. Now fold the sleeve so that the right sides face each other. Stitch down to make a sleeve seam. You should now have a tube shape that's hemmed at both ends.

With the dress on, slide the sleeve onto your arm, then mark the small area, under the arm, where the sleeve meets the side of the dress. If you want to make the sleeves permanent, take a few stitches in this area to connect the shoulder-baring sleeve to the dress. Otherwise, use garment tape to hold the sleeve to the dress. Garment tape is sold online and in fabric stores and can be simply removed when you want to change the sleeves, more helpful hints.

Besides short, longer and full-length sleeves, you can change the varieties to suit your mood. Make ones which are puffy, ones with cuffs, sleeves with slits down the outer arm and other versions. The sleeves come up to a little more than halfway on the upper arm and leave the shoulder bare. People will think you have an extended wardrobe when you do this sleeve project that produces many different looks from only one dress.

Detoxify Your Body

April 18, 2021
Detoxify Your Body

There are so many harmful chemicals in our environment, our water, our food and in the air we breathe, that many don't even realize that a majority of their health issues come specifically from these toxic substances, why not find out more.

Let's take for instance our environment. The by-products of a mining operation are emitted into our air and can damage our lungs when we breathe them in or when they are absorbed into the atmosphere and the result is acid rain. These harmful chemicals build up in our body and can cause a multitude of problems. Most of these problems are inflammatory in nature. Arthritis, asthma, fatigue and some conditions that are much more serious.


When these substances build up in our bodies they can "contaminate" our body systems and need to be removed from our bodies before more build up causes more issues such as cancer, chronic lung diseases, obesity (due to the effect that these toxins have on our metabolic system), and neurological dysfunction.

We will get into the more harmful effects and the substances that cause them in a later post. The basic element of this post is to educate you not only on how to detoxify your body but also on why to detoxify your body.

Detoxification is the process by which your body eliminates all of the waste that it doesn't need. Now, if there are a build up of these chemicals in your systems, which attack anti-oxidants, your immune system will have a more difficult time eliminating these substances. In this case, you'll need a little bit of help. When seeking a medical professional to try and help you detoxify your system it is always best to seek a more whole body, whole health practitioner. Chiropractor, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, Naturopath, etc. These physicians will advise and prescribe a more natural herb or group of detoxifying agents to help literally "pull" out these harmful elements from your system.

During this effective detoxification period, which usually takes at least 8 weeks, you may start to feel a bit more fatigued as your body is getting used to the "pulling" out of the toxins, which inhabit your body. However, it is not severe or debilitating. Just enough to notice. But, what you'll predominantly notice is a clearer complexion, slightly decreased appetite, more irregular bowel movements, less gas in your abdomen, and definitely more energy. You may even lose a few pounds. This process jump-starts your metabolism again as the heavy metals and toxins are pulled from your body. Seeking out the proper practitioner for this is essential. You want to make sure that the individual you choose is qualified and very experienced with this process. You'll feel better. Have more energy. And some things that may have bothered you previously, fatigue, gas, irregularity, acne, gastrointestinal issues and joint pain will all begin to less severe or maybe even non-existent.

Using Laboratory Monocular Microscopes

April 17, 2021
Using Laboratory Monocular Microscopes

There are a lot of things to explore in the microscopy technology. Experts and professionals in the field continue to advance the modern equipment and mechanisms to make microscope a better tool for those people who depend on it, just like the laboratory monocular microscopes. In this regard, it pays to explore what these microscopes can do and offer to the advanced world.

Monocular Microscopes

People are surely familiar with microscopes. They see this in the laboratories, schools and some even have one for their personal use. However, it is best to properly distinguish what a monocular microscope is. The monocular microscope is identified by its singular tube body. This is distinct from the usual binoculars that most people are acquainted with.

Monocular microscopes function to provide the magnification needed by the user. The capabilities will depend on the type and model of the monocular microscope. In this regard, it pays to get to know what capabilities laboratory monocular microscopes possess.

Laboratory Monocular Microscope

Laboratory Monocular Microscope

A laboratory monocular microscope is the type of monocular microscope used for laboratory purposes. However, rather than be content with that simple definition, it is more useful to explore the different features that make a laboratory monocular microscope distinct.

Most laboratories would prefer a monocular compound microscope that is capable of doing optimum performance for magnification and microscopy purposes. This is the kind used for professional, laboratory, research and educational purposes. The design and features are very important to secure just exactly what the microbiology field needs.

Magnification Features

The first thing to look for in a laboratory monocular microscope is its viewing capabilities. This should provide the highest quality when it comes to examining specimens and objects under the microscope.

Clarity and magnification is very important, especially when it comes to microbiological matters. In this regard, one has to secure at least 40x magnification with the laboratory microscope. There are even better choices available for those who can afford it like the 100x,  400x and 1000x magnification. With these features at hand, it is not difficult to pore into the details of microorganisms.

Illumination Properties

Equally important to secure for a laboratory monocular microscope is the illumination properties. This is the aspect that secures there is proper lighting when one examines the specimens. Without proper lighting, looking at the microscope will just like looking inside a dark room.

Be sure to check out on the built-in illumination of the laboratory monocular microscope. There are the usual 20-watt choices that can be opted to by most users. However, for those who want maximum performance, it is best to choose the ones with 110-watt halogen lighting. It will be equally useful to get the model that provides variable intensities for the convenience of the user.

Focusing Capabilities

The focusing is equally crucial in using the laboratory monocular microscope. Without this feature, the microscope will not be flexible enough to magnify objects of different sizes and properties. The focusing capabilities of laboratory microscopes can be inquired into by looking at the fine and coarse adjustment knobs. These can be found on the side parts of the microscopes.

Stage Areas

Examining objects in the laboratory microscope will also require precision. The precision is very important especially for very small specimens. The tiniest millimeter involved in your study can be distorted by unnecessary movements in the specimen when being examined. As such, the stage area, the place where specimens are mounted, must be secured. Be sure to have enough stage clips to secure the area from unintended movements.

The Digital Laboratory Monocular Microscopes

Since laboratory microscopes are used for educational, research and professional purposes, then it is best to go digital with it. The advent of digital technology with the microscopy provided the best option when it comes to using laboratory monocular microscopes.

Digital microscopes come with built-in cameras that make it possible for users to capture still images of the specimens they study. One can even take digital videos of these objects. There is also connectivity with a computer when using digital microscopes. This makes transferring of images easier and faster. Furthermore, this option will make it easier for the user to properly organize and document the objects of the examination. Considering the points provided above, it is evident that digital microscopes prove to be a good choice for laboratory research purposes. For more information, please visit official site.


There are many choices in the market when it comes to picking your laboratory monocular microscopes. Be sure to get the digital monocular microscopes for your own use. These gadgets offer perks and capabilities not found in your old microscopes. This is the only way to enjoy what modern digital microscopy is all about.

Dental Problems

April 17, 2021
Dental Problems

Dental problems can be both costly and painful. Without taking the necessary precautions you could find yourself on the receiving end of a dentist's drill. From cavities to root canals, these procedures are usually a last resort when it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums.

Address Dental Problems Immediately

You didn't heed your dentist's warning when he asked you to brush and floss more frequently. As a result you are experiencing one of the most painful dental problems any patient has had to undergo: the root canal. Essentially this process involves hollowing out the nerve of your tooth to prevent any further decay.

Not all dental issues require painful surgery. Bad breath is a common problem that is easily fixable if you know where the problem originates. Everyone has bacteria that lives in teeth and gums. These bacteria feed on leftover food that you may have missed when brushing, look at this site.

Causes of Bad Breath

Causes of Bad Breath

As the bacteria attacks the food is creates volatile sulfur compounds or VSC. This is what causes breath to have a foul odor. Without following up your brushing routine with a thorough floss, you are only eliminating 70% of the bacteria in your mouth. That remaining 30% is what will continue to cause bad breath.

Dental Products

Dental products are commonly found in the grocery store, a pharmacy or your dentist's office. Did you ever consider surfing the web to find the most effective products on the market? In addition to providing a thorough selection of products and treatments, the internet can offer you testimonials, product reviews and detailed information on the treatment process.

The Internet Offers Dental Products

The internet has become a resource of information for nearly every topic imaginable, and dental hygiene is no different. All dental products from teeth whitening kits, canker sore treatments and gingivitis solutions can be found on the web. If you have questions about some problems you are experiencing or a product you are considering, first look to the internet for your answer.

Not all dental hygiene issues can be solved by a product. More serious problems such as cavities, root canals or extractions must be handled by a professional. Visiting your dentist twice a year is recommended for everyone.

Take Teeth Seriously

Taking a laid back approach to dental hygiene could cause you a lot of pain and cost you a lot of money in the long run. With or without dental insurance, some of procedures can cost more than $1,000. If you could avoid this expenditure by simply strengthening your dental habits, wouldn't you?

Garage Door Maintenance 101

April 16, 2021
Garage Door Maintenance 101

Over the years, I've had the pleasure to work with garage door installers all over the world. While garage door installation is different just about everywhere you go due to building codes, wind loads and general installation practices, one thing doesn't change no matter where your garage door is located-and that's basic maintenance. But before you start tightening down bolts and checking tensioner pulleys, it's important to know one thing-garage doors can be downright dangerous when they are improperly maintained.

Look with your Eyes, Not your Hands

Look with your Eyes, Not your Hands

One of the most dangerous parts of a garage door is the tension spring for the balancing system. It's located above most garage doors and can be easily seen-it's a big spring under tension. Because the garage door is so heavy and awkward when it's opened, it needs to be balanced with tension to help it easily open and close. Never attempt to adjust the balance without professional help as the tension could come loose and cause some serious injuries if you're in the way. Take a look at all moving parts every two months or so. If anything looks out of place, call a professional garage door mechanic immediately.

Listen for Unwelcome Noises

A garage door is inherently noisy to begin with, but when squeaking, scratching, rubbing or grinding noises are evident, you might need to have your door serviced by a professional. In many cases, when weird noises are coming from your garage door, a simple alignment can help solve the problem, more helpful hints.

DIY Garage Door Opener

DIY Garage Door Opener

If you have an electric door opener in action, it's hard to tell if the door is misaligned or not. To test for misalignment, simply pull the emergency door release handle found on the garage door openers overhead track. Once the handle is released, the door can move freely without the need for the electric opener. Open and close the door by hand and check for any obstructions. If the door has trouble opening and closing, realignment of the door will more than likely solve the problem. Also check to be sure the door stays in place when the door is closed halfway. If the door falls, your counterbalance system may need an adjustment.


A garage door has lots of moving parts that need to be well lubricated to work at its best. Use a good liquid spray lubricant on all moving parts to help ensure the lifespan of your garage door is as long as possible. Be careful not to lubricate any electronic parts or you could end up doing more harm than good when maintaining your garage door.

How to Organize a Staff Memorial Service: Honor a Deceased Co-worker at Work

April 15, 2021
How to Organize a Staff Memorial Service

A staff memorial service at work can be an appropriate way to honor a staff member who has died. The following suggestions can help create a short, interfaith or non-religious service sensitive to the needs of all staff present while honoring a deceased co-worker.

Why Hold a Memorial Service at Work

Why Hold a Memorial Service at Work

When someone dies, the funeral is a traditional time to honor him or her. In the workplace, staff members may not be able to attend the actual funeral due to distance, time, or personal reasons.

Offering an interfaith or non-religious memorial service in the workplace gives the staff an opportunity to honor a deceased colleague in a setting familiar to all. Staff members may find closure in the loss of a co-worker by attending such an event. It is also a way a company can support its staff and create a caring team environment.

How to Organize a Staff Memorial Service

A member of the human resource team, a department dealing with human relations, or any caring, concerned colleague can set up a short memorial service. The following guidelines may assist anyone interested in holding a staff memorial service:

Receive permission from the company to hold said service and insist the service will be within company policy in regards to religion.

Set a time and place for the event, and notify all staff via email or memo of the event. Include that the service is strictly optional, to avoid people feeling their religious beliefs may be violated.

Create a centerpiece table for the memorial service. Solicit staff participation in sharing favorite memories of the staff for a book to offer the family, make a collage of images including the deceased staff, or find a framed picture of the deceased to arrange. A simple flowering plant can also add color and life to the centerpiece table.

Who Should Lead a Staff Memorial Service

Select a colleague or another individual to facilitate the event who is open to diverse faith traditions. Avoid selecting an administrator or CEO, as employees will feel obligated to attend to keep face rather than to honor the deceased.

If affiliated with a health care organization, a chaplain may be an ideal individual to act as facilitator. Chaplains are trained in interfaith ministry and will be sensitive to the corporate realm in a way a regular minister may not be.

What to Do for a Staff Memorial Service

The point of a staff memorial is for staff members to remember their deceased colleague in the life of the workplace and share their grief as a group.

A simple service, no more than twenty minutes, offers adequate time for honoring and sharing the former colleague. Set up the centerpiece at the front in honor of the deceased such as a picture or memory book.

Include a card for the deceased’s family or spouse for participants to sign, if desired.

A simple formula works well for a staff memorial service:

  1. Gather the group together by thanking them for attending in honor of the deceased colleague and offer a moment of silence for him/her.
  2. Read the former colleague’s obituary from the local paper or a biography of the colleague’s achievements from company sources.
  3. Invite those present to share memories of the deceased. Give at least ten minutes for this, as people are wrestling with their grief and may not be able to speak for some time. Offer comments to encourage further discussion about the deceased.
  4. Close the service with a prayer, if appropriate. For a non-religious setting, challenge those present to let the deceased colleague live on in their hearts by sharing his/her memories and positive contributions to the work place.

Honoring a deceased coworker at work can bring healing and closure to a community in grief. With a simple memorial service, a colleague’s memory is honored while former colleagues celebrate his or her contributations to their lives and the workplace in general.

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