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How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, benign tumors that are relatively harmless, but for vanity’s sake, many people want to get rid of them. Because they are benign, there are a number[…]

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How to Bandage a Horse's Injured Hoof

How to Bandage a Horse’s Injured Hoof

Horses spend most of their time standing. If a horse is lying down, it usually means that it is injured. It is important to be able to bandage a horse[…]

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Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions

Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions?

The portrayal of an opera singer’s high pitch is symbolic in its ability to shatter glass. If a high pitch can impact glass in such a destructive manner what if[…]

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How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

April 4, 2021
How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, benign tumors that are relatively harmless, but for vanity's sake, many people want to get rid of them. Because they are benign, there are a number of methods, either at home or in your doctor's office, which can be used to diminish skin tags. If you're interested in learning how to get rid of skin tags, please read on for some helpful tips.



The content in this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please contact your doctor before using the information presented here. Skin tags are small, benign tumors that are relatively harmless, but for vanity's sake, many people want to get rid of them. Because they are benign, there are a number of methods, either at home or in your doctor's office, which can be used to diminish skin tags. If you're interested in learning how to get rid of skin tags, please read on for some helpful tips.


While skin tags are generally harmless, they can be painful if continually rubbed the wrong way. They are also unsightly, and depending on where they appear on the body, they may be embarrassing.

Step 1: Cutting

  • You may need to see a specialist to have those skin tags removed(Creative Commons photo by mynameisharsha)
  • Skin tags can be physically removed with the use of a sharp tool such as scissors, nail clippers or a razor. You will need to sterilize the cutting implement before use, and numb the area with ice to avoid pain. Be prepared to staunch the bleeding with a gauze pad, and after the bleeding has slowed down, apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent unnecessary scarring.
  • Note: You will need to make sure you cut at the root of the skin tag, otherwise it will leave a scar that may reform over time.

Step 2: Cryogenic Freezing

Liquid nitrogen is a solution that can be used to deep freeze things like warts and skin tags. It kills the cell tissue, destroying the skin tag. Over time, the skin tag will eventually deteriorate and fall off.

Step 3: Cutting Off Blood Supply

Like cryogenic freezing, cutting off the blood supply will kill the skin cells and in a few days the skin tag will fall off. This method may be difficult to perform on your own, depending on where the skin tag is located. You may need to find someone who can help you wrap a thin piece of thread around the root of the skin tag.

Step 4: Electrosurgery


Electrolysis is an effective and permanent method of getting rid of skin tags. This method is usually performed in a doctor's office with an electric needle and can be fairly expensive. The permanence of this surgery is one of the things that makes it appealing.


One important thing to take into consideration with skin tag removal is that often it can cause scarring. Methods that require you to cut and freeze may leave scars, which can in turn become skin tags again. You have a number of options, from do-it-yourself methods, to electrosurgery, which is probably the most expensive method.

How to Bandage a Horse’s Injured Hoof

April 2, 2021
How to Bandage a Horse's Injured Hoof

Horses spend most of their time standing. If a horse is lying down, it usually means that it is injured. It is important to be able to bandage a horse hoof correctly. An easy way to bandage a horse hoof involves duct tape and diapers.

What You Will Need:

  • A plastic sheet, such as a tarp
  • A 5 gallon bucket
  • A water source
  • Iodine shampoo
  • A gentle scrub brush
  • A towel
  • Any medication prescribed for the horse's wound by the veterinarian
  • Two pieces of 4 inch gauze (or bigger, if it needs to be bigger to cover the wound on the hoof)
  • Two disposable baby diapers (that fit over the horse's hoof)
  • Self-adhesive wrap (enough to wrap around the horse's hoof)
  • A roll of duct tape
  • Scissors (if you can't tear duct tape)

Prepare the Work Area

Clean the Horse's Hoof

Lay the plastic sheet down on the ground so the horse will not be stepping on any dirt. In the best of situations, the horse will step on the plastic so the injured hoof is on it. However, some horses may be skittish and the hoof may need to be lifted onto the plastic, learn more.

Clean the Horse's Hoof

Put 1 ounce of iodine shampoo into the five (5) gallon bucket. Then fill the bucket half full with water. Put the injured hoof into the water and shampoo mixture and let it soak for two (2) minutes. Once the two minutes are over, remove the hoof from the bucket and gently scrub it using the gentle scrub brush to remove any dirt or feces that is on the hoof. After scrubbing the hoof, gently dry it with a towel. Place the hoof back on the clean and dry plastic sheet.

Bandage the Hoof

Apply any medication that is prescribed by a vet to the hoof. Afterward, place one piece of clean gauze over the wound. Apply another piece of clean gauze over that piece of gauze.

Diaper the Hoof

Put a disposable diaper on the horse's hoof, making sure that the front of the diaper is at the front of the hoof. Gently fasten the diaper using the sticky tabs that are on the diaper. Place another disposable diaper over this diaper, making sure that the front of the diaper is on the left side of the horse's hoof. Gently fasten this diaper with the sticky tabs on the diaper.

Wrap the Hoof

Wrap the Hoof

Take the self-adhesive wrap and start wrapping the horse's hoof from the top of the diapers down to the bottom of the hoof. Make it so the wrap is tight enough to hold the diapers in place, but not tight enough to stop the circulation in the horse's leg and hoof. Stopping the circulation will cause more damage to the horse.

Tape the Bandage in Place

Tear, or using the scissors, cut, five pieces of duct tape that will easily fit over the bottom of the bandaged hoof. Place these so they form a star pattern on the bottom of the hoof and make sure the tape sticks to the diapers and the self-adhesive bandage. Once this is done, take the roll of duct tape and start at the top of the self-adhesive bandage and roll it around the horse's hoof until it reaches the bottom to hold the bandage in place.

Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions?

April 1, 2021
Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions

The portrayal of an opera singer's high pitch is symbolic in its ability to shatter glass. If a high pitch can impact glass in such a destructive manner what if a high pitch carried inside the head sounded continuously sometimes meek and sometimes deafening?

There are high pitches that exist within the mind although there is a debate about where exactly they originate, in the ears or the brain. The affliction is titled Tinnitus or "ringing of the ears."

different frequencies of pitch

Tinnitus carries with it different frequencies of pitch and volume. It's the high pitch streams that are bothersome. Low pitches can be muffled out without trying too hard. Tinnitus is so intrusive it can feel like someone screaming. Those intrusive mind boggling pitches have even raised military curiosity about using pitch against enemies to make them dizzy & nauseous, check our editor note.

If pitch can make someone sick this could explain why a person with Tinnitus might have Collateral circumstances surrounding their affliction. One may become dizzy when bending which can limit the kinds of exercise they can do. Any acrobatics of standing on the head, doing cartwheels or rolling over would be quite difficult and could be harmful with a substantial dizzying problem.

Tension headaches to migraine could become a product of pitch and so could nausea. Being nauseous can make you dizzy and dizziness can lead to headache and nausea.

Low to high pitch frequencies could affect the degree of disorders like dizziness and the stability to walk after performing a simple task of bending over to pick something up. Low high pitch frequencies would seemingly be less debilitating with little to no problem while medium promotes a problem and the high end of a high pitch stimulates chaos while interfering with normal activity.

The louder the pitch is the greater the volume the more difficult the challenge will be to function. Variables in striking keynotes & pitches could affect degrees like when a pitch is reached it may not be as affective as the next pitch, which might be higher or lower which might be less affective.

Tinnitus sufferers

High pitch may explain why some Tinnitus sufferers tend to get frequent migraine. The consistency of headaches & sustained loud high pitch can keep problems relative in a cycling loop. Trying to drown out the pitch by listening to the same pitch for example, watching a movie or TV show or listening to music can be accomplished but it doesn't mean the pitch is gone. With Tinnitus it is still playing. The feat of undoing Tinnitus may rest in natural herbals but the jury is still out.

Product Review: Fragrant Footings Insoles

March 23, 2021
Fragrant Footings Insoles

Have you ever bought the most cute pair of shoes that really fit well and are uncomfortable, but had to be thrown away? What could be the problem? Well with summertime's hot temperatures the moisture from your feet made those cloth-lined shoes just a bit unpleasant to smell! And putting them in your closet with your clothes was a really bad idea. Now your clothes smell like stinky feet!

I've been in the situation numerous times and cringed at the number of adorable shoes I parted with and got quite upset about the idea of all the money I wasted on these shoes. This summer, I decided enough was enough and set out for a solution. As I was reading my All You magazine for women, I noticed an editor's remark about the product "Fragrant Footings Insoles." They promised to keep my shoes smelling sweet so I gave in and tried them.

Ordering my Fragrant Footings Insoles

Ordering my Fragrant Footings Insoles

Ordering my Fragrant Footings Insoles was a breeze. I simply ordered them online using my credit card and they arrived within a few days. For those who don't like to shop online, you can call the companies toll free number at: 888-773-9626.

Inserting my Fragrant Footings Insoles

This was as easy as 1-2-3 too. I took out the pair of shoes that I wanted to put them in and slipped them in with the backing on just to see how well the insoles fit in. Because I am a size 8 1/2, the insoles were a little bit long. So I took a pair of scissors and cut around the heel a little bit (the insoles are made to be trimmed). Once I had the right fit, I took off the backing to reveal lightly sticky glued and press them into my flat ballerina slipper shoes, read more from here.

Putting the Fragrant Footing Insoles to the test

I notice when I slipped my foot into my shoe, they were just a tiny bit tighter than usual because of the insole, despite how thin the insoles at 1/8". However, the discomfort was slight and after a few minutes of walking around in my shoes, they seemed to stretch out and get more comfortable. And the verdict is in! I wore my shoes all day with no problems. The Fragrant Footings Insoles made of a special blend non-woven wool fabric kept my feet dry and smelling good all day. I was even willing to put the shoes back in my closet! As an added bonus, the insoles were comfortable and I barely noticed they were there.

Price of Fragrant Footing Insoles:

They are a little expensive at 2 pair for $15, but well worth the money. Plus they sent me a coupon with my purchase for a free pair of insoles with my next purchase. Smart marketing!

Variety of Fragrant Footing Insoles:

Variety of Fragrant Footing Insoles

Fragrant Footing Insoles come in Mint, Jasmine, or Lemon scent. And although I've only used one scent, the Jasmine, I would highly recommend it. The scent is light and pleasant, not obnoxious. All scents come in either black or tan so they are not so noticeable in your shoes. I bought black to match my black shoes. Although I choose the full length insoles, you can also get mini-cushions that fit under the balls of your feet for 2 pair for $11.

Overall impression of Fragrant Footing Insoles:

I love this product and on a scale of 1 to 10 would give them a 10! I love it and think they are well worth it since I will no longer have to throw away shoes and the money I spent on them. I plan on getting more for other shoes.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Truth About Abs

March 22, 2021
How to Lose Weight Fast with Truth About Abs

To construct muscle and burn fat it is crucial that you follow strict pointers and if you have not been doing so then you've gotten probably achieved very little indeed thus far.

Well, congratulations, as a result of that frustration with seeing completely no progress is about to finish!

In all likelihood, you might have bought some health and muscle building magazines prior to now and adopted the advice of the so called experts who write articles in them. Now, let me say that not all fitness magazines are ineffective and offering misleading information. You probably agree though that there's so much conflicting recommendation on how a lot to train, when to coach, what to eat, what supplements if any to take -so much so that you are left utterly baffled by the entire thing, not figuring out the place to begin, read this post here.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Do you know that a number of of those magazines are literally OWNED BY SUPPLEMENT COMPANIES!! Now how do you assume they make most of their cash? From magazine subscriptions? NO! You have guessed it - from all of the dietary supplements, pills and powders that they push endlessly and persuade readers into shopping for repeatedly within the belief that they are certainly important to realize terrific results.

So what is the actual reality behind what is required to construct muscle tissue you might be pleased with and burning unwanted fats in the process.

Here is Fact No. 1.

It takes a fair bit of onerous work and graft, albeit fulfilling, to realize muscle growth and burn fat. Should you think otherwise you might as nicely stop studying and preserve dreaming.

Reality No.2.

You should follow correct advice on what workouts to do, when to do them and the way regularly.

Fact No.3.

Good vitamin advice is essential. If you happen to fill your physique with the wrong meals on the incorrect instances, you'll be able to't possibly count on to construct muscle and burn fat.

Now, for those who were going to listen to someone who was providing you with appropriate advice regarding these 3 truths, you would be entitled to ask what makes them so certified to move on this knowledge.

Effectively, the man in question is my pal Vince DelMonte. He's certainly one of just a couple of guys (the opposite being a man called Sean whom I point out on my web site a fair bit) whose recommendation I take heed to and with very good reason. He went from being 'Skinny Vinny' to the winner of the Canadian Model Fitness Championships. He placed on forty one pounds of muscle mass in just 6 months! And he has helped numerous different guys to attain similar unbelievable results.

lose weight fast

So, in conclusion, it is advisable to be prepared to work your butt off in the gym, but that requires advice on exactly what steps to take. You might want to have the right diet making sure you are getting enough energy and consuming fish oils for example. And this may increasingly sound very basic - however you could be sure to sleep effectively each evening, which can require going to bed barely sooner than normal

Your Virtual Private Network

March 21, 2021
Your Virtual Private Network

The virtual private network, or VPN, can be a great advantage for the home or office network user. Allowing remote access to files through a virtual private network setup give you the ability to take your files with you on the go while keep everything synchronized and up to date. For people with a limited amount of technical knowledge, virtual private network setup can often seem a daunting task so we hope to provide some information here that will help you understand what is required for your virtual private network setup and how to protect it from unwanted access.

The VPN program is the most basic component of your virtual private network setup. While it would take us forever to discuss every available piece of VPN software available, they all have some basic characteristics that are shared. The VPN program is downloaded and installed on all of the machines which will be accessing the virtual private network. Instructions for this process are usually available with the software in the form of an interactive virtual private network guide that will help you setup your system.

VPN Setup

Once the VPN program is installed, you will be asked to input user account information and passwords for virtual private network access. Secure passwords of thirteen or more alphanumeric characters and special characters, such as the *, &,^,%, or$, provide the best security for your virtual private network setup. To make the process of creating strong, secure passwords easier, we recommend the use of a password generator. These kinds of secure passwords are virtually impenetrable so it is important to remember the exact password. Software tools are available that store these passwords in an encrypted, password protected file and these tools may be beneficial to those who have a large number of passwords to remember.

After setting up the user accounts and passwords, the next step of virtual private network setup is choosing which files are accessible. You can choose to make the whole computer accessible, as in a remote desktop application, or you can isolate access to specific files or file types within the system. By doing this, you can ensure that only the files you want accessed are available to users on your virtual private network installation.

Finally, if your files are sensitive in nature or contain personal information, you should install some form of virtual private network security software. This software is used to maintain the networks privacy and log any interactions with the system. In some cases, the software may even bar attackers from further attempts at access by IP address when criteria are met such as the entering of invalid user accounts or passwords or accessing the VPN from a restricted IP address. This provides security for your virtual private network setup from all forms of attack, including disgruntled former employees who may have had access to user account and password information.

Setting up your virtual private network doesn't have to be scary and it can provide a wide range of benefits to your home or office network. By using the virtual private network instructions that came with your VPN software, you can establish secure communications that keep your files both safe and available from remote locations.

Employment Background Check Facts and Myths

March 21, 2021
Employment Background Check Facts and Myths

The Survey Group (TSG), a consulting firm located in New England, reported in their annual 2009 Employee Programs and Practices Survey published on March 31, 2009, that more than 80 percent of employers do a background check on potential employees by performing some form of employee screening. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand the truth and myths surrounding background checks and what employers may learn about potential employees.

To ease the minds of job hunters, here is a list of what potential employers can and cannot learn about a potential employee through a pre-employment background check.

Employment Background Check

Employment Background Check

Potential employers can access:

  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Social Security Number
  • Educational Records
  • Military Service Records
  • Work History
  • Driving Records

Employee Screening

Potential employers cannot access:

  • Arrest Records
  • Medical Records
  • Credit Reports

Employment Background Check Myths

Employment Background Check Myths

Criminal Background Check

An employer cannot access an criminal background check and know more. Arrest records will only be viewed if one was convicted of a crime or is pending trial. Generally, on the application for employment, there is a question about one's criminal history including the listing of any previous felonies or misdemeanors. This does not disqualify a potential employee from a job but it may put up a red flag. Furthermore, there is room for explanation if a crime is on one's record.

Medical Records

Employers do not have the authority to request medical records and cannot use them when making a hiring decision. However, they can inquire into physical restrictions that may inhibit job performance.

Credit Reports

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) employers must receive written consent before seeking an employee's or potential employee’s credit report. However, if they run a credit check with an employee's consent, it is best to first check out what they may find.

Employee Background Check

Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcies are public record. However, employers cannot discriminate against applicants because they have filed for bankruptcy.

Workers Compensation Claims

When an employee's claim goes through the state system or the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), the case becomes public record. An employer may only use this information if an injury might interfere with one's ability to perform required duties.

Social Security Number

An employer will be able to verify a social security number.

Educational Records

Educational records are only viewed if there is consent from the student. However, a school can release what they call “directory information” which can include your name, address, dates of attendance, degrees earned, and activities you participated in, that is unless written notice has been given not to release that information.

Military Service Records

The military can disclose name, rank, salary, assignments and awards without consent.

Work History

Verification of dates of employment and positions held can be obtained.

Driving Records

Driving records are not confidential and can be released without consent. However, they are usually not included in the standard pre-employment background check unless driving is an essential aspect of the job.

In conclusion, potential employers can find a plethora of information about candidates in the through an employment background check. Chances of landing a job can become much more difficult if red flags are raised in the employee screening phase. Not all employers screen candidates but be wary that most do.

My Fitbit Broke, Now What?

March 20, 2021
My Fitbit Broke, Now What

Broken Band

Buying online is convenient, but there is always that little nagging worry about what to do when something goes wrong.  I recently had this problem when both my daughters had problems with their Fitbits.  On one, the button fell off, and on the other, the band is falling apart.

Broken Button

I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to check out Fitbit’s online customer service.  The bands are still under warranty, so I want to see how easy it is to get my problem resolved. Since they cost around $130.00 each, I am a bit anxious to see how this is handled. I started today with a visit to   I clicked on Help and then Product help, discover more here.

Click on Help, then Product Help

This took me to a page where I could select my product which is the Fitbit Charge.

Fitbit Charge

With just a little bit of wandering around, I found what I was looking for under Troubleshooting.  One of the categories is “My tracker is damaged” so I clicked on the link.

Found It Under Troubleshooting

Since my band is still under warrantee, I clicked on Customer Support.

Found Contact Support at the bottom of the page

This took me to a pager where I had three options; Check out info from the Fitbit community, Tweet the question or email.  I opted for email.

Three Options for Getting Information

Here I again through the process of selecting my device as well as platform.  I felt a bit like I was running around in circles because it again showed the options I had just gone through.  After going through this several times, I realized that I just needed to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Email Us.

  • I Selected Charge On the Product Page

  • Select Platform

  • This opened a simple Contact Support form.

  • Simple Contact Support Form

I filled out giving details of the problem.  I also attached a picture of the bands with showing the problems.

Three Options for Getting Information

  • Brief Description of the Problem

  • I received the customary conformations.

  • Confirmation Page

  • Confirmation Email

It will be interesting to see how they respond.  The conformation email said it would be 2 – 3 business days until I heard from them.  So now it’s just time to wait and see what happens.

Why Wear A Calf Compression Sleeve?

March 19, 2021
Why Wear A Calf Compression Sleeve

Do you know why athletes wear calf compression sleeves? If you are an athlete, you know well about the benefits of wearing calf compression sleeves, but you are missing something important if you do not know. Sportsmen such as cyclists, swimmers, football players, and other sports activities use calf compression to keep them protected from injuries and remain comfortable.

There are many reasons to wear calf compression sleeves; I have searched and found some information that will help you to know why athletes wear a calf compression sleeve.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Calf Compression Sleeve?

Benefits Of Wearing A Calf Compression Sleeve

There can be many purposes to wear a calf compression sleeve, but here I will provide you some major benefits of wearing a calf compression sleeve.

Help You To Increase Your Performance.

One of the reasons to wear a calf compression sleeve is to increase marathoners' overall performance. How it increases the performance of a marathoner? The simple answer is that the calf compression sleeves help improve blood circulation, leading to better overall health.

Keep Comfortable

When wearing a calf compression sleeve keeps the athletes comfortable during play. It keeps your body stretched, and you feel your tight control and balanced posture. When you wear the right size calf compression sleeve, it makes your activities more comfortable.

Help You To Keep Protective From Injuries.

Help You To Keep Protective From Injuries

Injury during games is common, but sometimes injuries become severe, which affects your performance or even sometimes becomes a problem for your career. You may fall many times during the game, a hard ground surface can cut or burn your skin, but when you wear a calf compression sleeve, it will protect you from such injuries. We cannot permanently remove the injuries with a calf compression sleeve, but we can reduce the chances of severe injuries.

Help The Weaker Parts Of The Body.

Human body parts became dull and weaker; while they perform physical activities, they feel pain in their joints, but calf compression sleeve gives them support and keeps the joints firm during play.

It helps almost all athletes, but especially for the gym users, who need to carry weight when they pull their arms or legs, they feel pain in the bones and joints. But if you wear the calf compression sleeve, you will feel relief from pain during gym.

Helpful For Recovery

Helpful For Recovery

If you face an injury, then the calf compression sleeve will help you recover from injury instantly. While you wear a calf compression sleeve, your overall recovery is faster due to improved blood circulation system. You will find these sleeves helpful when you have an injury in your joints.

Final Thoughts:

A calf compression sleeve is not used as a fashion, but there are many other benefits of wearing the calf compression sleeves. A good calf compression sleeve can help you improve your performance, provide support, keep you protected from injury, and help you recover from injury. If you want to know about more functions of a calf compression sleeve, then visit here:

How to Work A Can Opener?

March 18, 2021
How to Work A Can Opener

Can openers are available in many types, such as a one-touch can opener, electric can opener, and manual can opener. You may find a few differences in their use but the basic principle in all types of can openers are the same.

Whether you are using an electric can opener or manual can opener, they will work on the same principle with a little different such as for electric can opener you need power. Stay tuned to this article to get more information.

How Electric Can Opener Works?

How Electric Can Opener Works

Electric can opener work on the same principle as a manual can opener, but you must need electric power to use it when you have an electric can opener.

When you plugged in the can opener with electric power, there is a lever on the can opener's front side; if you push that lever down, you will hear the voice, ensuring the electric can opener is working.

Then lift the lever, and it will stop working; the engaged switch will separate from the lever; there is a blade under the lever, which is placed over the small gear. It would help if you placed the can opener's tip under the blade, and when the lever pushes down, these blades start rotating.

Due to that rotation, it can also start rotating, and the blade will cut the can lid from all around; there is a small arm that comes from the lever and holds with a small magnet. The magnet helps the blade stick with the can lid, and after removing the lid from the can, it also holds the lid. Once you remove the lid from the can, you can remove the lid from the can by lifting it.

How Manual Can Opener Works?

The manual mechanism can opener working is very simple, which is simple to understand just by knowing about its parts. There are four major parts in a can opener, handles, crank, traction gear, and cutting wheel, which completes the Can opening assignment.

Two handles in the manual can opener, connected with a single bolt, which allows them to move apart and together. You can increase pressure on the lid of the can by closing these handles.

Crank in the manual can opener is attached with any one of the handles; an axle goes through the handle and attaches the traction gears on the other side. When you separate the handles to open a can, you need to place the traction gears under the can's lip and keep the cutting wheel above the lip. Then bring the handles closer will increase the pressure on the lip of the can.

The traction gear is the small, round metal wheel with notches, which helps increase the control on the grip to hold the lip firmly. The last part is the cutting wheel that is a sharp edge that comes around the circumference, and when you apply the force, it cuts the lid.

How Manual Can Opener Works

Final Thoughts:

Can openers be small handy items, which are available in many types? But the basic mechanism of all can openers is the same. We have also shared an electric can opener and manual can opener mechanism. If you need more information about the can opener, visit online.

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