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how to organize your makeup

Tips to Help you in Organising your Makeup

Every woman owns hundreds of makeup items and faces issues in keeping them organized. Sometimes you might even lose a few items and you don’t even realize it. There are some items which reach their expiry dates and cannot be used anymore. This is one of the reasons as to why you should keep all…
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how to use a breast pump properly

How to use a Breast Pump?

From the point of view of the breastfeeding mothers, there are several kinds of breast pumps available in the market. Among the top choices, electric and manual breast pumps have become quite popular all across the world. These days, electric pumps have better rankings when you ask which of these two is more popular. As…
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benefits of using compact powder

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Compact Powder?

As you know, compact power plays a vital role in the makeup and considered as the last step in the makeup routine. A lot of people ignore to use the compact powder but it may ruin their makeup. The powders come in different forms such as pressed and loose. The loose powders are lighter and…
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Natural Makeup Look

Techniques to Master The Natural Makeup Look!

Have you been longing to get a natural make up look but always end up creating a fuss or over doing it? Does the question how to do natural makeup keeps nagging in your mind. Even after trying hundred thousand times and watching YouTube make up videos gazillion times, you still don’t get desired result.…
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