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A Phishing IQ Test that Could Save You

A Phishing IQ Test that Could Save You $1,200

Having been fully phished into giving away my online banking identity (and having suffered the follow-up banking hassles), I was curious – had I learned from my phishing experience? How phish savvy am I? SonicWall, Inc., based in Sunnyvale, CA, offers network security, secure remote access, and web and e-mail security, backup, and recovery products…
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How to Organize a Staff Memorial Service

How to Organize a Staff Memorial Service: Honor a Deceased Co-worker at Work

A staff memorial service at work can be an appropriate way to honor a staff member who has died. The following suggestions can help create a short, interfaith or non-religious service sensitive to the needs of all staff present while honoring a deceased co-worker. Why Hold a Memorial Service at Work When someone dies, the…
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What is Language Learning

What is Language Learning?

This world has many countries and every county have different and different customs and culture. People always follow their customs and culture because these are a kind of identity of a person. So, without any kind of doubt, people should follow their culture. If we talk about customs then different and different courtiers have different…
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